//Diabetic Socks – Non Skid / No Slip Grip Hospital Socks – 2 Pack Savings – Secure Steps – Womens & Mens

Diabetic Socks – Non Skid / No Slip Grip Hospital Socks – 2 Pack Savings – Secure Steps – Womens & Mens


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2 socks per pack. 2 for the price of 1. These Secure Step Diabetic socks offer anti slip socks with treads on the soles to provide extra traction and security when walking on smooth or slippery surfaces.

The non constricting non binding stretch weave will accommodate almost any leg size without binding or restricting the wearer’s natural circulation. The spandex throughout the leg and foot ensures that they will not slip and bunch up on the ankle.

Secure Steps are further enhanced with a seamless toe closure that provides maximum comfort for the diabetic foot by eliminating friction and pressure in the toes. The inside heel seam is smooth and seamless to avoid diabetic heel skin issues. Secure Steps Diabetic Socks are the best sock for those with Diabetes in need of the best in comfort and fall prevention safety.

Made of quality Cotton (88%), Nylon (11%) and Spandex (1%).

The anti no slip grip socks soles are made of a strong silicone tread that provides increased traction on smooth surfaces to help prevent slipping. Enjoy the best non skid socks and no slip resistant hospital socks for adults with treads or grips (gripper socks)! These rubber gripper socks for adults come in three sizes. Skid resistant and no slip socks with treads for safer wheelchair transfer. Perfect for acute care, outpatient and long term care patients. These anti slip hospital socks for adults are terrific for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes. Great for, comfortable casual use in the home and for home care settings. Concerned about slipping socks on tile or hardwood floors skid socks with grips make the best choice in selecting a sock for at home use. These women’s and men’s slipper socks with grippers are used in hospital and nursing home fall prevention programs. Hospitals utilize these socks because they are non slip slippers socks with grippers on the bottom of these slipper socks. Nursing homes promote the use of non slip socks soles to help prevent elderly resident falls, slips and accidents. Caregivers looking after their parents at home use these as house socks with grips to make life easier for both the parent they are caring for and the caregiver. These non slip resistant slipper socks for women and non slip resistant slipper socks for men are used as lounge socks, tread socks and sleep socks because they are so comfortable. These diabetic non slippery womens and mens gripper bed slippers sox are a welcome gift for hospital and home care settings!

Diabetic Non Skid Socks for Women Size Chart:

  • S (Shoe Size 5-8 1/2)
  • M (Shoe Size 9-12 1/2)

Diabetic Non Skid Socks for Men Size Chart:

  • S (Shoe Size 4-7 1/2)
  • M (Shoe Size 8-11 1/2)
  • L (Shoe Size 12-16)




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